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Sales representative:

Pierre BONY

+ 33 (0) 6 70 41 96 97

email: p.bony(at)


Our editorial and sales team are available to help you choose the best option that suits your objectives and needs.

According to your needs and objectives, we insert the fixed or animated advertising banners of your choice (which you provide), on every page of the site, available for the duration of your choice, according to your media plan and the news you wish to communicate.


• Banner 1 – 870 x 135 px

Price: 2500 €/month

• Banner 2 – 270 x 135 px

Price: 1000 €/month

• Banner 3 – 270 x 270 px

Price: 1500 €/month


Flat media (without animation): GIF, JPG.

Rich media (with animation): GIF animés.




All of the banners can include a link to a website.

Our IT service creates the link (to be provided) to your website.





With over 10 000 letters sent every month to decision makers in the railway industry and technologies, we publish an information newsletter which gathers recent articles and photos selected by our editorial team.


Targeted audience:

– Top management: 12 %

– Maintenance: 16 %

– Research departments: 19 %

– Purchasing: 15 %

– Technicians: 22 %

– Operating agents (on-board or ground personnel): 11 %

– Others: 5 %


In order to appear in this monthly information newsletter, we offer:



• The « Advertorial » option:

Your article/photo is certain to appear in this monthly newsletter.

Price: 800 €/article + photo

• The « Top Advertorial » option:

Your article/photo will be highlighted as a major article.

Price: 1000 €/article + photo

The «Newsletter Banner» option:

Your banner will appear in this monthly newsletter.

The recipients have direct access to your website via your banner and the associated link you provide with it.

Price: 1000 €/bannière – 870 x 135 px

2 – NEWSLETTER « E-BLAST »(personalized mailing)


With the « E-blast » option, we will create and publish a personalized newsletter for you, at the moment you choose, in order to highlight the news concerning your company, an event, your new products…

– article/photos of your choice

– banners of your choice

Price: 2500 €